Broken Arm :(

Published November 7, 2012 by djajk

As a parent I never thought I’d be going through this, because well you never expect your child to be in pain or break their arm, even though it’s an entire possibility. Well, my Alexa, 7, was pushed at school from one of the metal bars by one of her school mates and she landed very badly and broke both bones in her forearm. (2 bones not 2 arms)

She had surgery yesterday morning, and is now home recuperating. Kaiser-Modesto has great staff and were great with my daughter and treated her very well and is now on her way to recovery. 

The little girl that pushed her got suspended for 2 days, needless to say that doesn’t make me feel better because she gets to miss school for 2 days and my daughter gets to be in a cast for a minimum of 8 weeks. She’s also going to miss all of her activities, and I’m so sad because she was super excited about starting cheerleading and now she won’t be able to do it just like she planned. She’ll still be able to cheer her brothers on but no cartwheels or flips. 

The important thing, as always, is that Alexa is doing a lot better and is ready to go back to school after being absent for 2 days. If this would’ve happened to one of her brothers’ they’d be milking it as much as possible! 

Get well soon Lexi!


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