Boyfriend + Kids = ???

Published January 28, 2013 by djajk

I know NO ONE reads my posts! lol but in case you are reading this and at the end would like to offer some advice…feel free to do so. Like I’ve mentioned before I’m a single mom of 3 kids that are aboslutely full of life, if you know what I mean. I also have a boyfriend. Have. Had. Have. Had. Have. Had. It’s endless. My kids are my number 1 priority, how do you make someone understand that? I have to spend as much time as I can with them now that they are young and actually want to spend time with me because soon, they’ll see me as their No. 1 enemy.

Now, this doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love them or care about them but I feel torn between making them all happy. Example: almost all of the Saturday’s in the year are game days, whether it’s for basketball, baseball, skateboarding or soccer, there is a game and I am going to be there cheering for my child. Before the kids became so active in sports we used to do another sport together, hiking. Now we barely have time to hike and that has become an issue with the bf. I’ve offered to hike on Sunday’s or do another activity but got no actual or positive response.

Being in a relationship and being a single mom at the same time is hella hard. We don’t live together which I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing, so he calls himself the weekend guy.

I think the biggest problem I’m having is that I have an extremely hard time allowing anyone else to discipline my children, which is another problem because he feels that he should be allowed to have a say. My opinion is that he doesn’t really because he doesn’t live with us, therefore does not contribute to the household 100% nor to the kids 100%, I’m not saying that he can’t tell them anything when appropriate but it’s hard for me. He says he wants to be someones #1 and unfortunately I already have three #1’s, how do I make him my fourth #1 instead of my number 2? 

Needless to say, the relationship is in the OFF position right now. 

My thoughts are all over the place, I know. 


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